5 of the best Coppola Girl style moments

Oh, Sofia queen of style. Anyone who’s ever watched a Sofia Coppola film will know the director’s inimitable ability to ooze effortless style. Sofia set the bar high with dreamy directorial debut The Virgin Suicides and then she just kept on going with the likes of Lost in Translation, The Bling Ring and most recently The Beguiled. 

I created my first film inspired look based around The Virgin Suicides when I launched LauLauLand a few months ago. Now, I’ve decided to take a step further into Sofia Coppola’s world, looking at the standout style across her captivating catalogue of films.

Here are five of the best Sophia Coppola movie style moments.

1 – Lux’s knickers | The Virgin Suicides

Lux is the most rebellious of the Lisbon sisters in The Virgin Suicides. She entrances everyone from the garbage man to the local knife sharpener, she plays footsie under the table with boys while having dinner with her parents, she also sews Trip Fontaine’s name into her pants. We catch a glimpse of it when they’re going to prom and Trip pins a corsage to her girlish, floral dress. It’s cute with its heart dotted ‘i’ but it’s also all sorts of suggestive and definitely captures that nostalgic loaded, grungy feel most of us have for our teenage years.

2 – Let them eat cake | Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette was a veritable visual cake fest. The costumes are everything you can expect from Coppola set against the backdrop of Versailles in the 18th century. Gaudy candy colours sing from the screen with pure unabashed sugar filled class. Every moment in this film is a style banquet, with costumes designed by Oscar winner Milena Canonero.

3 – Breton stripes & sundresses | Somewhere

Perhaps a nod to the director’s personal style (Sofia has been seen in many a Breton tee) is the simple but chic wardrobe of Ellie Fanning’s Cleo in Somewhere. Sundresses and stripes are the reserved but sophisticated palette of this girl who is wise beyond her years. The film is also set in the glorious Chateau Marmont on the Sunset Boulevard in LA, which serves up just enough old Hollywood fabulous.

4 – Scarlett’s Bottom | Lost in Translation

During the opening scene to Lost in Translation, we are given typical cool Coppola with Scarlett Johansson’s bum in a pair of granny pants that are just sheer enough to make them sexy. The colours are warm and sugary, it’s girly but womanly, and it’s perhaps a nod to the character’s inner turmoil that plays out during the film. I know the pink wig during the karaoke scene is this film’s iconic style moment, but the pants get my vote. 

This shot was apparently inspired by American artist John Kacere. One of his paintings ‘Jutta’ makes a cameo on the wall of Charlotte’s hotel room.

5 – Glam girls | The Bling Ring

Robbing the Hollywood Hills of its riches, the Bling Ring girls are an excess overload. Expect lots of early noughties celebrity inspired glam, from Juicy Couture tracksuits and Louis Vuitton Monogram to Bulgari jewellery (who loaned the film about $13.5 million of bling, accompanied by about ten security guards, of course). 

The Bling Ring offers some further glam candy in a scene shot in Paris Hilton’s house (the film is based on a true story, and Paris was actually targeted by the gang IRL).

Honourable mention

Girly Bracelets | The Virgin Suicides

Released from hospital after her attempted suicide, youngest sister Cecilia covers her slit wrist scars in bracelets. There’s something so poignant about their childlike, girly innocence set against the tragic traces of her attempt to leave the world behind.

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