Oh, sugar. How to create your own sweet moments from Marie Antoinette.

Watching Marie Antoinette made me want to eat some pastries, go to Versailles and buy a corset (you’d need one after scoffing the cream cakes like the ladies in this film). From the movie dream queen that is Sofia Coppola (Virgin Suicides, Lost in Translation), you can only expect beautiful things from this cult classic. Here are three of my favourite themes in Marie Antoinette.

Let them eat cake

Apparently, Marie didn’t even say that, but who cares when cakes look this good. If you want to recreate your own sugar rush inducing feast, try the likes of Dominique Ansel (all hail the cronut), Maison Bertaux (London’s 19th-century French patisserie) or the Wallace Collection’s French brasserie (pink afternoon tea) for sweet treats galore. Or you could just sit in front of the film and stuff your face with shop-bought eclairs (sacré bleu!).

Saccharine shoes

While the women eat cake, guzzle on champagne and gamble they also shop (we are multi-tasking masters after all). These candy coloured treasures were designed by none other than Manolo Blahnik. You can see some of them in the flesh at the Wallace Collection’s Blahnik exhibition until 1 September. 

Yes, that is a pair of Converse in one shot, because although based on fact, this is more of a coming of age film (Coppola’s forte) than a Marie Antoinette biopic. So you’ll just have to stretch your historical inaccuracies tolerance for this one.

Welcome to my manor

And what a manor it is. I’ve not yet been to Versailles, but something tells me I might be in awe when I do visit. The interiors in Marie Antoinette are nothing short of divine. There’s lots of flocking and florals, cherubs and gold. You can find a slice of similar style in so many manor houses across the UK, check out the National Trust or Visit Heritage if you fancy an aristocratic nose. My personal favourite is Waddesdon Manor.

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