Writing my thoughts down.

In my bid for both literary greatness and a satisfying night of shut-eye, I have decided my erratically leaking thoughts are in need of some daily catching.

Hemingway kept a diary, Stanley Kubrick and Guillermo Del Toro have manoeuvred their way through some of my most cherished films via notebooks of scribbles, and Sylvia Plath waged war on many a mental monster through the pages of her journal. So I’ve decided it’s time to start scribbling down a daily thought or two.

My first main issue was which notebook to choose, because, let’s face it, we all know I’m partial to a little overt affection when it comes to stationery, so much so that my office could suffice as the local stationery shop. But in honour of National Stationery Week, I am willing myself to make a choice.

I opted for this pride and joy firstly because it says ‘journal’ on the spine, and I’m not so much a rebel that I’m keen to ignore what this book was intended for, but also because its title takes the pressure off.

From henceforth everything I write in my journal shall be entitled ‘fucking brilliant’. Even if it’s not.

Thank you to the Daily prompt for spurring my churning brain.

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  1. 2 May 2015 / 2:33 am

    My pass-time is to go to a book store and just gaze at all of the purchasable stationary options that are currently trending. I’ve gone for the more old-time feeling with leather binding in the past, but now I feel (because of your post here) that I will go for the more ‘bleeping’ outlook, per say.
    Thanks for this life-changing idea.

    • 5 May 2015 / 12:50 pm

      You are very welcome! I’ve had a couple of traditional leather bound ones in the past too. It’s good to have a selection, one for every mood!

  2. 2 May 2015 / 6:17 pm

    Pure, dead brilliant!

  3. 3 May 2015 / 11:13 am

    I’ve been keeping a form of journal for many years now. Recently have gone to digital but there is something very therapeutic about hand writing one’s thoughts. Please stock up on those journals because the title says it all and I hope you continue to be f*&^ing brilliant into dotage. Linda 🙂

    • 5 May 2015 / 12:53 pm

      Thank you Linda! I hope I can hold up some sort of brilliance until a ripe old age too 🙂

      I know exactly what you mean about hand writing, it’s my favourite way to write. If I ever get writer’s block it’s usually while I’m sat at my laptop, and a quick sit down with a pencil and paper sorts it out!

  4. 4 May 2015 / 5:29 pm

    Nice post…I think we all are fighting digital vs. paper. I do look longingly at the beautiful paper journals. But where do you hide those journals from kids?

    • 5 May 2015 / 12:57 pm

      Ha, I feel your pain, I don’t have children yet but when I was a teenager nothing was safe from my younger sister. I eventually found a very high hiding place in a wardrobe, although I’m 5’2, so that did make it rather difficult for me to reach any hidden treasures too… :-S

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