Day 67.


This has soul from past, present and future…

From Devon to Spain to London via Oxford, three generations old, locked and unopened… yet it still types. Exactly what I will have it write I do not yet know, but hopefully it will be liberated with the same conviction of each finger tap on it’s heavy keys. #100happydays #day67

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  1. 12 September 2014 / 8:18 pm

    Reminds me of the fabulous 30’s typewriter I saw for £45 in a local shop…. Wish I’d had the money!

    • 15 September 2014 / 6:34 pm

      Oh no! I’ve seen them recently in Urban Outfitters for a small fortune, because of course it’s trendy to be retro now isn’t it?! Ha

      • 15 September 2014 / 6:41 pm

        What’s worrying is that we’ll be retro one day, with our ‘old-fashioned’ pcs and smartphones 🙂

        • 15 September 2014 / 6:57 pm

          Gosh I can just imagine that, someone with a framed smart phone on their wall in 50 years time! 🙂

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