I have penned a little fool inspired story in honour of April the 1st. Here’s hoping you haven’t been subject to too many mischievous escapades this morning…




The tears loomed above her eyelashes, threatening to slither down her cheeks at any moment. With a hand clutching at her stomach, she signalled for me to stop.

I did. Begrudgingly.

Next to me her chest rapidly yo-yoed as she lay sprawled on the floor.

She was ticklish to the extent where even the threatening movement of fingers would spawn banshee screams and rapid movement in the opposite direction.

As she basked in the post tickle glow her eyes flickered towards mine. I reached for a jelly ring. She grew weak at the gesture. I asked the question. Her tears returned. I put the ring on her finger.

I have until midday to tell her she’s the April Fool right?


Laughter had always trudged that fine line between love and hate. The laughter that made my stomach ache as though my insides were wrangling a way out.

The pit of my gut wrenched and the noiseless hilarity seemed as though it would never end. I held my hands up in surrender.

Silence. Our pupils locked as I wondered how often in life these little moments of flawlessness drifted on in. His grinning face sobered.

“Marry me?”

His pupils flooded with fear the moment my tears fell.

If only he knew I was well aware that even his gluttonous sweet tooth didn’t care for the saccharine sweetness of those jelly rings. The ones he’d bought an entire sweet shop box of just last night, the night before the April the 1st.

Midday snack it is.

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    2 April 2015 / 11:01 pm


    Hi Laura

    Thank you for posting your review that you wrote last year to the site.

    See you soon.

    Lee. X  

  2. 3 April 2015 / 6:44 am

    I’m a fool. Here’s to hoping it isn’t just a joke even if the ring is candy.

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