For the love of stationery – Caboodle magazine

Seeing my name in the pages of a magazine will never get old. Especially when I spent years dreaming of the day I’d be able to walk into a shop and pick up a title with my work in. This month I was honoured to be published in the wonderful Caboodle Magazine, in their beautiful A/W16 issue.

For this feature, I wrote all about my addiction to stationery. I realised it was a full blown problem when I counted my notebooks whilst researching the piece. I got to 97. And that number has definitely grown since. Here’s a little excerpt, where I talk about my beloved Bagpuss pencil case at primary school…

“My best find was a fluffy pink and yellow striped Bagpuss pencil case. The cat carried about five pens in his belly. It was more fashion than function and I had to carry a second one just to accommodate my ever-growing pen collection, but in a world of school jumpers and grey pleated skirts, stationery was the only proof of personality I could cling to. To this day, I insist that this new Bagpuss number was the only reason I got asked to kiss Lee Thompson, under the oak tree beside the playground, after school. I don’t know if this was a good thing or a bad thing. We didn’t even know how to kiss; we just stood with our lips together whilst the surrounding kiddie crowd counted to ten.”

You can find out more about the magazine here. If you like anything to do with crafting, stationery, cooking and art, you will LOVE it.

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