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  1. Hi!!!… You’re one of my nominees for the Liebster Award!!!… You can see the questions I’ve made for you here:


    Once again, thank you sooooo much for inspire me!!!… Hugs!!!…

    1. Thanks Eli! I was nominated a week or so ago and I completed the process but I will answer your questions for you too! x

      1. Really???, OMG thank you so much if you do that…

  2. That’s a really nice picture. Love the tone and composition.

  3. Good God girl, could you walk after eating that? I am coming out in stuffed lying down sympathy symptoms just looking at it!!! 😀

    1. Haha, it was ridiculous, especially compared to my usual bowl of bran flakes and raisins. I did have some help though… meat overload. Three mile run today!

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