Day 76.


Often I wonder if I should work within a cocoon of blank walls to dissuade my daydreaming eyes. As the film world has its sights on Cannes, today’s reveries have been directed at whispers of a week spent six years ago at the film festival, an experience that has been etched on my soul evermore… #100happydays #day76

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  1. NS says: Reply

    Daydreaming eyes are the best! And by the way, you have me all curious about that ‘week spent six years ago at the film festival….’

    1. Haha, I could certainly write a few stories about that week, maybe they’ll make it into the blog one day… 🙂

  2. You should always be surrounded by such things! It’s inspiring to be around good memories, and a little daydreaming is always recommended 🙂

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