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  3. Wonderful reflections, – a beautiful photo, – the blue is almost iridescent, is it natural?

    1. Thank you! I did take the exposure down a bit to ensure I captured the colours but this was indeed how it looked when I found the place… beautiful!

  4. ywwp says: Reply

    very nice one – regards http://YourWellWisherProgram.wordpress.com

  5. That six word story is one of the great literary achievements. Have you read his short story A Clean Well-lighted Place? Just astonishing.

    1. I haven’t, there’s so much Hemingway I need to read and so little time…

      1. I know exactly what you mean. If you get the chance though, the story is here. I really do think this is his best (longer than six words) short story ha http://www.mrbauld.com/hemclean.html

        1. Thank you very much! I’ll definitely be able to squeeze in a short story… I’m currently working my way through some classics that have passed me by over the years, I’m reading Frankenstein at the moment!

          1. A great book. That and Dracula are the definitive gothic masterpieces. Have you ever dressed up for World Book Day? I never had that at my school but the newspapers are full of funny pictures.

            1. Yes Dracula is next on my list, someone else mentioned it when I said I was reading Frankenstein. I was wondering exactly the same myself yesterday, I’ve been through a fair few fancy dress costumes in my time (probably more so in adulthood than I like to admit), but I don’t think any were for world book day. My teacher friend was dressing as a banana yesterday! It’s good it’s getting such attention though, any promotion of books and reading is definitely a good thing.

              1. if they shared the prize for Best Costume I guess you could say it was a split decision 😉

  6. interesting concept…six words

    1. Thanks! It is stolen from the great Hemingway… Fitzgerald dared him he couldn’t write a story in six words, and of course he did!

      1. Well, if you can steal from Hemingway, and do it yourself…YAY!

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