The Hemingway Day. Revert.

I expect that for many of you this is a very happy Friday as the sun is finally shining on the UK. For me this Friday is happy because it means I can escape my office, which sits in the rafters of my home and unfortunately has no windows… So from a very hot and bothered writer, here’s the Hemingway Day, and six words of flash fiction.



One less candle than last year.

Thank you once again to the Daily Post for continually inspiring my photo snapping.

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  1. a chaque fois j’adore !

    1. Ha, well thanks, the pressure is on now to continue that trend…

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  3. Clever

  4. Nice. Thanks for joining in on the challenge.

    1. Thanks! And thank you for setting such an interesting one!

      1. You’re welcome.

  5. Andy says: Reply

    I see what you did there … a-ha.

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  7. Paula says: Reply

    and I thought these were pencils 😉

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