The Hemingway Day. Watching You.

I smith words. Here are six.


Watching You.



Foolishly, we thought we were alone.



At a risk of spoiling the literary illusion, this photo was taken at a very deserted Hampton Court, when it was closed for a snow day. This week’s theme at the Daily Post is ‘Off-Season‘.

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  1. Laura, this photo is filled with atmosphere.


    1. Thanks Janet! I do love it when the snow forces all the tourists to stay inside!

      1. I know the feeling, Laura.

  2. Good pic in so many ways

    1. Thank you! 🙂

  3. I haven’t been there in years. I’d like to go back to the maze. I’m in London so no excuse!

    1. I’m in Kingston so just a walk from Hampton. It has a really deserted park behind it which is lovely for some peace amidst the London chaos. I am yet to go back in the maze. I found it magical when I was seven. I don’t want to shatter the nostalgia, because I bet it’s not that difficult to navigate as an adult…

      1. Not too far from me. I remember going Oceana and McCluskys way back when. Fun times haha. If it snows when I’m at the maze i’m referencing The Shining haha.

        1. Haha, they are rather notorious around here, but I must say I’ve not been to either myself, I moved here at 27, when my clubbing days were long gone. I’m quite glad Hampton Court was shut in the snow now, that part of The Shining is terrifying.

  4. Great off season. Loved your six words.

    1. Thank you! 🙂

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