The Monday Muse. Embracing the Odd.



Embracing the Odd.

I was often told that if I wanted to be a writer I would need to grow a thick skin.

My papery epidermis has taken a tear or two over the past couple of years, but a comment I received last week was to prove to be my biggest test yet.

It is never nice to be told your work isn’t good. So far, I haven’t yet come across too many unhelpful comments, and most of what I am told is justified, even if I am a little reluctant at first to admit it.

Last week I was given some feedback in relation to a freelance job I was bidding for. The company had asked if I would write a trial piece for them, which is industry code for “we want you to write something for free even though we can see a huge portfolio of your work online.”

I obliged, and it was within an evaluation of this piece (which came from an anonymous ‘evaluator’ that hid behind the name of the company) that I found this pearl of wisdom…

“Your words seemed odd.”

Baffled by the buckets of brilliance that it must have taken to come up with that little whip-smart nugget, I didn’t quite know what to say.

It took the strength of a superhuman not to reply with an equally insightful observation such as “your face is odd”, but instead I printed it out and I pinned it on my pinboard.

Over the past few years, I have started to embrace my eccentricities. So if it shines through my words I’m afraid it’s just the mark of someone who’s becoming a bit more comfortable in their skin… which, funnily enough, is getting ever thicker.



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  1. I like your fictional writing and your regular writing. Moral of the story: I like your writing 🙂 Stay odd 🙂

    1. Good morals, thanks! I shall. 😀

  2. your writing is great and your words most certainly aren’t odd! x

    1. Thank you! It’s much appreciated 🙂

      1. That’s no problem 🙂

  3. hlhivy says: Reply

    I used to teach in the gifted program – one of my students, who knew how I loved all of their quirkiness, made a sign for my door – “Freaks, geeks, and nerds welcome here!” I always told them to embrace their inner nerd and quit worrying about other people’s definitions of that word if they wanted to be happy.

    1. That’s absolutely fabulous. The world needs more teachers like you. I might have to make a similar sign for my office 🙂

  4. well said

  5. I’m a supporter of the odd. Really, normal is vastly overrated. Homogenized thoughts are boring. Embracing the odd is truly a fantastic way to live.

    1. Having tried the so-called life of a ‘normal’, I can wholeheartedly agree!

  6. I don’t find your writing odd at all. I quite enjoy it and find it refreshing. Keep on keeping on!

    1. Thank you! Always happy to provide a little refreshment, haha 😉

  7. James says: Reply

    Think I’m echoing a lot of other comments but you are an amazing writer and ‘odd’ is a brilliant thing to be!

    1. Thank you James, I appreciate the echoes!

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