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One Day.

I can’t remember exactly when I first started saying “one day”. I know I was very young. And I know I said it a lot. I also know that I say it as much now as I ever did then.

I am the dreamer of the family with her head in the clouds. I’ve grown accustomed to that face some people pull when I mention my plans for “one day”. Back then I made my aunt buy me an extra large sketchbook so I could map out the plans for my future abode. These days I lose minutes to the dark side that is daydreams and living in reverie.

Lucky for me while chasing my one-days I’ve found a partner in crime. Amidst seven years of citing one-days to each other, we almost didn’t realise when we were in the middle of a one-day moment last week.

Last Wednesday was a lucky day. The boy and I attended Wimbledon for the first time (the ultimate tennis event for those of you who aren’t into watching two people smash a ball around a court).

We sat munching our lunch and hiding from the rain in the corridors beneath Court 1, lamenting for the day we would be relishing in VIP treatment and swapping the overpriced ham sandwiches for the three course lunch whipped up by Michel Roux just a few doors down at The Gatsby Club.

As the usual two little words tumbled off my tongue I had an epiphany. I might “one day” be sitting pretty beside the privileged of Wimbledon, but I was also sat slap-bang right in the middle of a one-day moment right now, a moment I had dreamed of since I first found myself roaring at the TV screen alongside a nation of Tim Henman supporters in the 90s.

That said, I shall forever be a dreamer.

Without dreams, I wouldn’t have found myself back at Wimbledon again yesterday within touching distance of the almighty Roger Federer. In that front row seat the silence was palpable, the sounds were magnified and for that moment in time, the grass was a green as it was ever going to get.

I’ll always chase the “one days”, but thanks to this week, I will also remember to stop and smell the rosy aroma of those that are happening right now.



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  1. Great final image. Nice post.

    1. Thanks. I was rather happy when I took that photo. Lovely lovely Federer. 😀

    2. Ah but you’re actually referring to Homer aren’t you? Haha, it was the perfect gif!

      1. Before you think I’m ignoring your photography skills, I’d seen it on your Twitter. This Simpsons gif speaks most to me

        1. I know the exact lines that go with that clip… “see you tomorowwwww”. That bloody Mindy. Love that family.

          1. The very line. Some people know how to make an entrance, others the exit. The line from The Simpsons i use most is ‘Good one Krusty’ – bonus points if you know the scene, or this

            1. Ooh I’m stuck. Does Bart say it with a little snigger? That’s what I’m hearing in my head!

              1. It’s the one where Homer goes to clown college and pretends to be Krusty for all the free stuff. But Krusty owes the mafia money so they are about to kill Homer. When the real Krusty turns up, they put the guns onto him, so Krusty says that they can’t kill him if they don’t know which is which. So he swaps himself around with Homer multiple times to confuse everyone. They have no idea who is who until Homer says “Good one krusty” haha.

              2. I know the exact moment, it’s classic Homer stupidity. I probably watch The Simpsons as much as I watch Frasier. 🙂

  2. it’s always good to visualize your dreams, the more you focus on achieving them, the closer they are to being a reality. It’s good to acknowledge how far you’ve come too, It’d be so depressing always grasping at clouds and never accepting your accomplishments.

    1. That’s precisely it. It’s very easy to keep chasing after the next thing, but more difficult to congratulate yourself when you do achieve something. I did the same when I had my first piece of writing published, for a couple of days I was ecstatic, but then I started looking for what was next. I suppose it’s important to keep striving for better, but like you say, we need to enjoy the journey… It might be a never-ending one after all!

      1. I do it with writing, too. My boyfriend told me that I seemed happy with my successes only when I was actively winning an award, a few weeks after doing so, I would start acting as if it didn’t matter. I still have trouble with it, but, as you said, it’s a journey.

        1. That’s exactly how I am. I think it’s the secret to success really. If all the great artists were content every time they produced a piece of work then they’d probably just stop. It’s the continuous process of trying to better themselves that makes them so great. I think/hope anyway!

  3. Sonya says: Reply

    See, I’m a bit jealous now. Wimbledon is still on my One Day list… You make a really good point, though. It is important to see how far you’ve come, where you’ve got to, instead of only focusing on how far you still have to go all the time.

    1. I’m sure you’ll get there one day, it was on my list for a long long time! That’s exactly it, you have to stop and take heed sometimes, even if it is still important to keep striving for good things 🙂

  4. What an entry. Somehow I’ve just read it. One day I’ll have a one day moment just like you. Being a dreamer is the best!!

    1. Thank you! Ah yes, nothing can touch your dreams!

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