The Hemingway Day. Surface.

So far in glorious London we have enjoyed about three days of summer. Today is the fourth. The sun is shining, the children are shrieking outside, my office fan is blowing hot air in circles, the inebriated are out early… and isn’t it just marvellous?

Here’s The Hemingway Day.



Suede and water never did mix.

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  1. Cris says: Reply

    No sarcasm intended, right? Nice choice for the challenge.

    1. Ooh no, not at all, we English aren’t known for that 😉

  2. Brilliant and beautiful.
    Just 4 days of summer? Even Amsterdam got better this year. Cross the channel!

    1. Thank you! And I bet Amsterdam is beautiful under the sun too! We’re racking up the days now, on a roll, number five arrived today, perhaps six tomorrow, but any more would be unrealistic. Don’t ever come to England expecting sun.

      1. You’re welcome, Laura! It’s beautiful when it’s sunny and it’s rare…
        This summer has been exceptionally warm and sunny, though. Pity the warmer temps didn’t visit you in London.
        In fact I’m so used to not expect good weather here that anything is a bonus!

  3. Cute! I need to go back soon.

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