Every week he would arm me with the same headphones and a new track of calming. The voice would resonate within my ear, encasing all air beneath the padded earpiece as it commanded, twisting feathery wisps along my ear canal, shuddering the eardrum, dispatching its schemes right into my inner ear.

His legs would tuck neatly below the mahogany desk, smile soothing, nodding. My eyelids would weigh and droop as they were pulled under.

He would sit, I would fall.

This is what his Ph.D had taught.

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  1. Andy says: Reply

    Come on. Get on with the next LL prompt. FFS!! ????

    1. I’m banning you. ?

      1. Andy says: Reply

        ? Sorry.

  2. Much belatedly, I’m throwing my piece in to the hat here: http://wp.me/p3LEiB-bo
    Gotta love it when life gets in the way of passion.

    1. Ooh yes, I know all about that, life will often be a demanding little soul… 😉

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