The Hemingway Day. Move.

I am back from my little Spanish jaunt and now I find myself amidst a sea of boxes as the boy and I prepare for a little change of scenery. This week’s WordPress photo challenge is of change, and the timing couldn’t be sweeter. Here’s a moving-day Hemingway Day for a few sections of fiction…


The box labelled ‘Heart’ is heavy.

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  1. Just great!

  2. Andy says: Reply

    Nice. Time away hasn’t made you rusty.

    1. Thank you. A brain holiday was needed.

  3. This could well be used as an illustration of the German motor industry right now… 😉

    1. This is very true. And it just carried on going downhill didn’t it? I do drive a VW myself…

  4. Andrey Lychik says: Reply

    Designed in Germany..made in China 😀 I kinda feel that way about VW right now hehe

    1. I don’t think you’re the only one! It was actually purely accidental but it worked rather well for that particular news day!

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