The Hemingway Day. Chills.

This week’s WordPress Photography challenge is to capture the extra(ordinary). This little guy’s sole purpose in life is to tell us sun-basking humans how tepid the water is within which he bobs. He does an ordinary job. He floats in an ordinary way. He even retains his air of ordinary when the waves of a belly flop come quivering in his direction. It’s his permanent vacant gaze in the wake of such revulsion that I find quite extraordinary.

Here’s a six-word Hemingway Day inspired by our elephant friend.


Feeling blue even in searing sunshine.

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  1. is the elephant in the pool related to the elephant in the room?

  2. Very cute, Laura.


  3. Good six word story. Feeling blue even in finding joy or bliss.

    1. Thank you. I think it’s the worst kind of sadness.

  4. nice!

  5. I want that elephant! And the pool!

    Great story Laura!

    1. Thanks! The pool is lovely, although only in summer, even in September it was a little chilly. The elephant didn’t appear to mind though 🙂

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