Step Away.


Step Away.

I looked straight ahead. All I could see were the leaves whispering in the trees at the bottom of the ravine. His shadow lumbered into my peripheral. I felt the heat of his body as he eased closer. His toes grazed the edge with mine, causing the soil to melt away in tumbling crumbs.

“I always knew you would come here,” he said.

“I know” I replied. “When you step out it’s like flying.”

“I know” he replied.

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  1. Good story. I like how he knew she would come, makes it mysterious.

    1. Thank you! I was aiming for mysterious, so I’m glad it seems to be working!

  2. Short and sweet, leaves us wanting more! I have a feeling these two are thrill seekers… or perhaps (because I like to go dark) jumping off the edge is an addiction of some sort to distract them from a greater pain. Oh, I do love trying to figure out the story behind the story!

    1. Thanks! It’s interesting to hear the different interpretations, there’s always something I hadn’t thought of myself!

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  7. Good story, lots of questions to leave to our imaginations!

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