Ice Ice Baby.



I’d never found courage enough to do it before.

I sat with my back against the window for the first time. The subtle sound of stepping feet came first. Then the silhouette in my peripheral. Then followed the slow tingling whisper of breath on the back of my neck.

As the sensation shot through the hairs on my skin, into each vertebrae of my spine and through the very bones holding me there, I turned to ice.

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  1. I have been late in submitting my response to this week’s literary lion prompt “ice”. Here is my submission now:-

  2. After being stuck in Real Life for far too long, here’s my new toy for the Literary Lion:

  3. Really great piece. I am left wondering why did she turn to ice now and never before.

    1. Hmm, I’m not even sure I know that myself, perhaps it needs a little exploring…

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