It said Lola 4 Charlie 4 eva. Toilets didn’t require accurate spelling.

Or grammar.

I wondered if Lola was still for Charlie. Or if Lola was now for someone else. And if her ‘someone else’ knew about the declaration on the cubicle door half way up the M40 to Birmingham. And if Lola was for Charlie, then what did Lola get? Was he for her too?

In which case, why didn’t it say so?


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  1. I love how you’ve used line breaks in this piece, it had me laughing at that third line.

    1. says: Reply

      Thank you Carol! It’s so satisfying when someone appreciates the little things. ??

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  3. Loved yours lady !! Here is mine (enjoy!) with tags and pingbacks to you :* And so sorry I’m late on the challenge :-/

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