Writing a book is not that easy, but that’s ok.

A few months ago you may have seen me make a formal commitment to my novel, promising myself (and the blogging world) that I would work on it every Friday afternoon. At it stands, this is not going so swimmingly, I have written a grand total of no chapters.

I have notes, yes. I have scribbles across pages that were written in haste, but nothing is coherent. Or complete.

The only way I can see myself out of this hole is to say goodbye to Friday. Friday is distracting. Friday is hurried. Friday has my brain fighting the weekend switch-off and as I rush to meet the week’s deadlines I start pushing the novel further and further away, until Friday is no more and so is my book.

So today I am making a new plan. On fresh-as-a-daisy-Monday. I am taking my Monday zest for life and putting that into my book instead.

So if you’re trying the impossible, whether it’s book writing or some other goal, remember, it’s ok not to breeze through it. Some things take practice. And sometimes all it takes is a fresh approach and a new routine.

It was never going to be a piece of cake, after all.

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  1. I too know the struggle of trying to work on your novel on Fridays. Mine has been in a four month hiatus right now (lol), but this post motivates me to get back to writing! Maybe tomorrow. haha! 😉

    1. laura@laurafeasey.com says: Reply

      I always thought it was a great idea as Fridays are such a feel-good day, but you live you learn hey?! Good luck with re-starting, I hope I did give you some motivation!

  2. Andrey Lychik says: Reply

    OK I did not know about this book but you have spiked my interest, tell me more. Let me know if you need help I’ll do what I can

    1. laura@laurafeasey.com says: Reply

      Thanks Andrey! I have lots more to come and will be posting about it, it’s going to be a very very long journey, but I feel like I’m finally taking the right steps at least!

  3. Jenny says: Reply

    Good luck on your novel! Looking forward to read your masterpiece 🙂

    1. laura@laurafeasey.com says: Reply

      Thank you so much! Fingers crossed it will be worthy of such a description ??

  4. Graham Lawrence says: Reply

    I haven’t even taken the decision yet so you’re so far ahead of me!

    It’s bubbling up though as I write. I have ideas and sketched out plans.

    From what I’ve learnt about simple time management however, dividing a task into smaller realisable pieces often works. The only problem with setting aside a particular day is if it doesn’t work out then you’ve lost two weeks of possibilities.

    Good luck on your novel!

    1. laura@laurafeasey.com says: Reply

      I have found that little and often is quite good, I try to do some fiction writing every day, even if it’s just for half an hour in the morning. But I am now finding that I need a bit longer to delve into my story as it progresses. It’s all a learning curve I guess. Good luck with yours!

      1. Graham Lawrence says: Reply

        Yes I really should commit to starting writing it!

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