We have lift off.


Hello LADYFACES and BOYFEATURES! The facelift is finally finished, and all systems are go at lady-face.com.

On Friday I will be kicking off with a post all about one of the latest dreamy CATwalk trends (the key is in the name people), but for now, I shall leave you to check out my About Me page, so you can learn a little more about the crazy land of LadyFace.

Don’t forget to say hello in the comments, I look forward to welcoming you into my world… xx

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  1. Sam says: Reply

    U make a very cool superhero!loving the new looks all round x

    1. laura@laurafeasey.com says: Reply

      Haha, thanks lovely! Can you imagine the wardrobe of costumes?! xx

  2. Hey Laura, the site looks amazing! I can’t wait to follow along…Cheers!

    1. Thanks so much for checking it out lovely, and for the awesome feedback of course! I’m going to wander over to you now, exciting!!! xx

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