Hey feminist! Join the uproar.

A fellow LadyFace told me about this wonderful web space a few days ago. Lately, we’ve all been needing something to make us smile, and seeing a load of artists lending their talents to a great cause certainly does it for me.

The UpRoar is a place filled with protest signs that are beautiful, powerful, witty, gritty and, of course, straight up nasty.

Go take a look, print one out, hang it in your car window, stick it to your door, share it on social media, just do it LOUD. They cannot ignore us forever.

Here are a few of my personal favourites…


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  1. Brilliant! Love this post and the images/slogans are fantastic!

    1. Such fab signs aren’t they?! I feel like printing them off and plastering them all over my office ??

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