Why we’re raiding grandma’s wardrobe this winter

Hello Nana. This season we’re finally embracing age, and it comes in the form of what I like to call ‘the granny knit’. Think vintage, hand knitted style jumpers and cardies, but most importantly of all, they have to look as though they could be found in your grandma’s wardrobe.

They remind me of those snuggly, soft yarns that used to graze my cheek when I hugged my nan when I was little; when all I cared about was stuffing my face with her sugar sweet pink wafers and watching TV reruns of The Sound of Music. It’s a nostalgia overload, but it’s super comfy, and a great excuse to indulge in a bit of pattern and colour for the winter, the more garish the better…

Zara Cardigan with Jewel Appliques
£49.99 |Zara Faux Fur Pink Top £12.99 |Zara Camel Coat Similar here £79.99 | La Redoute Patent Vinyl Skirt £25



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  1. Martine Farmer says: Reply

    Oh god, I was just reminded of cuddling my nonna and her itchy cardigan. So nice!!

    1. Ahh, that is lovely! I remember being put in one by my mum when I was little and it being the itchiest most uncomfortable thing in the WORLD! 😀

  2. Gill Edwards says: Reply

    Love the pink Zara cardie. I feel a trip coming on x. Your have to raid my wardrobe next. Your auntie xx

    1. They definitely have a few standout pieces of knitwear this season, I could buy lots and lots! Haha, yes, I should do a post on raiding each family member’s wardrobe and what I find! xx

  3. Lizzie Fishman says: Reply

    I love all the pink fluffiness. 🙂 Winter is my fav season for clothes! xx

    1. Ahh me too! I used to hate being cold but I am actually all about the layers… coats, furry stuff, knitwear, boots, bring it on!!!

  4. Brita says: Reply

    You should know that I literally wear my grandmother’s vintage sweaters.

    1. Ahh that’s amazing Brita, I love that you do that! I wish I had kept some of my grandma’s but they are long gone and I definitely didn’t have the foresight to keep any, such a shame.

  5. Carrie says: Reply

    Hello! Can I ask, what size did you buy in the Zara sweater? Sorry for the super random question. Just looking to buy one brand new from a second hand retailer online and want to get an idea in sizing. Thank you!!

    1. Eeeeek, I am so sorry I didn’t see this comment and I am probably years too late but I had a medium, they only had it in a medium on Zara’s site, I’m not sure there were other sizes! Hope you managed to find a good fit! ?

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