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  • Literary Lion. Call out.

    Wordsmiths ahoy! In my hasty move over to wordpress.org, I Smith Words fell off the WP reader for all my lovely loyal followers, and hence none of you have been seeing the lion’s posts! I hope you are now reading me loud and clear and you’re ready for some of this month’s all new Literary Lion action. […]

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  • Red.

      Red It was all too familiar. The smoke lingering in the air, the enveloping cacophony of high pitched rings and chimes, the flickers of neon lights that winked from every corner. They had told me never to return here. The clerk gave me a knowing smile when he slowly slid the token across the counter. So […]

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  • Ice Ice Baby.

      Frozen. I’d never found courage enough to do it before. I sat with my back against the window for the first time. The subtle sound of stepping feet came first. Then the silhouette in my peripheral. Then followed the slow tingling whisper of breath on the back of my neck. As the sensation shot […]