• The Hemingway Day.
  • The Hemingway Day. Who's there?

    Greetings on this very special Friday, special because it is National Cream Tea Day here in the UK, which sparks the never-ending debate… cream or jam first? Never mind that, if I hear another person say “scon” I’m going to launch the clotted cream. It’s scone. (And the very fact you can understand what I mean from the […]

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  • Fickle.

    Today I have been slicing words from magazines like a blackmailing pro, to create what is known as ‘Found Poetry’. Here’s what I discovered amidst the piles of paper words… Fickle. Panoramic florals amplify the monochrome morning. You rave with that cheap thrill, Artificial in flirtation, A moonphase away from a world Quilted in blue.

  • The Hemingway Day.
  • Crack.

    Thank goodness for that little moment on a Friday afternoon when you realise there are two days of bliss ahead. Here’s a few seconds of literary escapism in celebration… The Hemingway Day. Crack. The cracks echoed, fracturing. He froze.   Thank you to The Daily Post for the photo prompt

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  • Hunt.

      Day 15 of photography101… “landscape.” Hunt. I edged lower into the rows of grain, willing the ground to be tight-lipped as it clicked beneath every movement of my limbs. A cracking resonated with every footstep he took. I froze just as his shins appeared above the kernels touching my forehead.

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  • Adolescent Male.

      Photography 101 day 8… ‘The Natural World.’ Adolescent Male.   With each tread of his hooves his branched horns swerved backwards, his mouth edged upwards, his lips parted and he let out a bellowing cry. He commanded attention from them with every mark he made in the mud. But the females remained silent, their […]