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  • Run.

    Not quite The Hemingway Day today, simply because I have too many words and not enough brain power left to edit them. I think I’ll go and plug myself into the mains and get a recharge. If only. Run. Her footsteps blended into the pounding of each rain drop. As each one plummeted down his cheeks, she managed to […]

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  • Thaw.

    Shakespeare has always had my admiration, but he’s earned some extra kudos today, in the wake of my painstaking attempt at writing a traditional English sonnet… (with the theme of Future and some chiasmus thrown in for good measure)   Thaw. From shadows uncertain, a wreck you hauled In spite of the grave that shrouded the eye. It […]

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  • Fickle.

    Today I have been slicing words from magazines like a blackmailing pro, to create what is known as ‘Found Poetry’. Here’s what I discovered amidst the piles of paper words… Fickle. Panoramic florals amplify the monochrome morning. You rave with that cheap thrill, Artificial in flirtation, A moonphase away from a world Quilted in blue.