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  • Clock watching.

      Waiting for No Man. Mr Dufour looked at the line of people; several days worth easily, perhaps even weeks. They snaked between the weighty columns of the room and bent out of the door. He couldn’t see the end of the queue outside, but he knew it was forever growing. When he first started […]

  • Fiction.
  • Word.

      The final day of photography101… ‘Triumph’. Word. “She stood up, and picked up the nearest cylinder and held it between her hands. It hypnotised her just as it did many years ago, the clear glass filled with spiralling tendrils of time, almost whispering from within.”   Time.    

  • This is Your Life
  • Time.

    There is something about calling yourself a writer… The first time the description ever passed my lips it sounded like a fanciful pipe dream, especially when my scribbled words had yet to sit somewhere that could validate my claiming of such a job title. But through my letterbox today appeared a sublime magazine that I […]