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  • Literary Lion. Into the Woods.

    Since launching Literary Lion last week, I have read tales of loss, love, space ships, stars, time travel, petri dishes, dogs and only children. Thank you to all those that have taken part so far, I await with bated breathe to see what this week will bring. A little slip of green this week has set the […]

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  • Unlocked.

      In a bid to connect further with the blogosphere and to flex my writing muscle, today I embark upon a journey through WordPress’ Writing 101 course. Here’s the first instalment, 20 minutes of free writing, no forethought or editing allowed…   Mind, unlocked. The night brought with it an inky blue hue. I could feel […]

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  • Day 80.

    We went down to the woods today, lost our disguise, got attacked by a mob of bears, but were fortunate enough to meet this kind souled cream furred fellow. We sunbathed together and he fed me burgers and hot dogs. #100happydays #day80