Where to find art exhibition posters for your wall

So we can’t go to the gallery at the moment, but we can bring the gallery to you. One of my favourite types of artwork to hang at home is vintage exhibition posters. I have a few from exhibitions I’ve attended myself (the poster I bought for a fiver at the David Bowie V&A exhibition is often selling for a couple of hundred on eBay!), but otherwise, I scour the internet for exhibitions I wish I’d been to.

I’ve just added a David Hockey in Berlin poster to my hallway, and a Francis Bacon in Tokyo to my kitchen (yep, a poster with BACON slathered across it can only be hung in the kitchen).

You can find some great vintage art exhibition posters online, and they’re often a bit more interesting than a traditional print of a famous artwork. Here are a few of my latest finds for your walls…


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